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Sava osiguranje

Insurance policy persons during travel and stay abroad

providing compensation for the costs incurred in providing necessary medical assistance to the insured, due to sudden illness or accident, during a temporary stay abroad. The insurance also includes the transport of the insured home (repatriation) due to the resulting contingency.

Every healthy person can provide if he has a permanent residence in Serbia.

Agreement on travel medical insurance must be concluded before traveling abroad.

Insurance can be concluded as follows:

  • individually
  • family (spouse and children up to 18 years of age)
  • group insurance (6 or more people, with an attached list of all group members)
  • multi insurance with multiple entries / exits from the country

Procedure in case of accident or illness

Upon the occurrence of the insured event, the insured shall immediately contact the APRILĀ Assistance d.o.o. Belgrade and log data from their insurance policies, as well as the name of the medical institution in which it is received. If necessary hospital treatment, the insured is obliged to immediately notify the alarm center APRIL Assistance d.o.o. Belgrade or APRIL Assistance d.o.o. in a country where the insured event occurred.

The maximum amount of coverage per trip is the sum insured stated on the policy.

Insurance premium depends on:

  • the amount of the agreed sum insured
  • ways conclusion of insurancethe age of the insured
  • travel time
  • expanding insurance coverage to sports risks

On the insurance premiums are calculatedĀ  5% tax.

This insurance includes:

  • outpatient treatment
  • medicines and bandages prescribed by doctor
  • medical equipment, which is necessary during treatment of fractures or injuries of extremities (eg. gypsum and curve) and walking aids prescribed by a doctor
  • radiation therapy, thermotherapy or phototherapy and other similar treatments prescribed by a doctor
  • RTG diagnostics
  • hospitalization of the insured in an institution that is considered a hospital in a foreign country, which has sufficient diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, and the treatment is carried out according to methods that are scientifically accepted and clinically tested in that country (used in hospitals in the city where the insured resides or the nearest suitable hospital )
  • costs of transport by the emergency to the nearest hospital or the nearest doctor
  • the cost of referral to a specialized clinic if it is medically necessary and prescribed by a physician
  • operations due to acute illness (including operation and costs related to it)
  • dental services, but only to facilitate acute toothache, the amount to 80,00 EUR

When it starts and when it ends insurance?

Insurance starts at 00:00 hours on the day which is specified in the policy as the date of commencement of insurance, but not before the Insured cross the state border of the Republic of Serbia and not before paying a premium, and expires at 24:00 hours on that is listed in the policy as the insurance expiration date.

When you lose the right to insurance protection?

The contracts entered into after the start of the journey shall be deemed invalid.
Excluded are the obligations of the insurer if it is the case of illness or accident incurred prior to the conclusion or the effective date of the policy.

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