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Pursuant to Article 56 of the Law on Tourism ( "Sl. glasnik RS" br. 36/2009 i 88/2010-84/2015) Director of TA ROYALTOURS DOO BELGRADE, Belgrade on the day 01.25.2017. god. establishes the following:


By signing the standard contract-confirmation of travel (hereinafter: the Agreement) with his signature on behalf of all passengers from the Agreement (hereinafter: the Traveler) confirms that he handed these terms and conditions (hereinafter: General conditions), the certificate of Guarantee of travel and pre-prepared and published rogram travel (hereinafter: the Program), and that all the passengers of the contract with the same familiar and I fully accept, as well as being familiar with the possibilities of optional travel and health insurance.
The provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Contract between the Passenger and the TA "Royaltours" as a travel agency (hereinafter: Organizer) and are binding for both parties, except for the provisions defined by special written contract or program.
Before signing the contract, the organizer may at any time change the description of their services in the program and inform the passenger within a reasonable time, without delay, in writing, on paper and other permanent record carrier, the Passenger and the Organizer shall agree that the Passenger on any possible changes data from the Program, informed within a reasonable time prior to the conclusion of the Agreement. The tour operator is before signing the contract, met with the rights of passengers, traveling under the guarantee in case of insolvency and damages.

Putnik application submitted in writing or on a durable medium of record or via e-mail or fax. The passenger is to travel can apply at the headquarters, branches, or separate specific areas of the Organizer, as well as in travel agencies that have concluded a contract with the organizer of the trip indirect sales (hereinafter: the Broker). A broker who offers for sale and sale of tourist travel is required to travel in the Program and Confirm travel state the capacity in which appearances. Log Travellers becomes enforceable when it confirmed the conclusion of the Agreement in the manner in which the Report was done, and the advance payment in the amount of 50% of the package price, unless otherwise agreed. The rest of the agreed price, unless otherwise agreed, be paid 15 days before departure. If Putnik, u fails to make payment in full, it is considered that the trip canceled in accordance with paragraph 12 of General Conditions. Each advance payment shall be kept as payment for all passengers, not just for one particular passenger from the Treaty.
By concluding the Agreement, Program becomes an integral part and can not be changed, unless the parties expressly otherwise agreed, or, if changes occur due to force majeure. In case of cancellation or modification of contracts, notice provisions and amendments apply to all passengers listed in the Agreement.
For the timeliness of payments, authoritative, the date of payment to the organizer or mediator. In the event of late payment in full, advance payment or payment of the remaining part of the payment arrangements, travel organizer can withdraw from the contract and claim compensation in accordance with Clause 12 of these General Terms and Conditions.

- In the Contract, except those under the Programme shall be entered in the special requirements of passengers, with whom the exclusive organizer agreed,
- It pays proportional real difference between the contract price and the price of travel, reduced in proportion to the non-execution or incomplete execution of the Agreement (hereinafter: the price reduction), on the occasion of timely and reasonable written complaints - complaints Travellers, in accordance with the law and these terms and conditions, unless the flaws in execution of the Agreement emerged: the Traveler's fault, or attributed to a third person who was not directly contracted provider of the Programme, force majeure or unforeseeable events to which the organizer has no influence and whose consequences are inevitable despite the implementation, due diligence or other events that organizer he could not foresee and overcome,
- In accordance with good business practices in this area to ensure the rights and interests of passengers,
- Prior to departure submit the name, address and telephone number of the local representative or local agency partners, and exceptionally, where appropriate, address and telephone number of the Organizer for the necessary assistance to the Passenger,
- Do not liable for the services rendered to the Passenger by other persons outside the program,
- All written or any other kind of information, which differ from those contained in the Programme Contract or Specific Agreement and these terms and conditions, not bound by the Organizer and can not be the basis to highlight complaints or complaints of passengers.

- In order to know in detail, as well as all persons under the Agreement, with the program terms and conditions and warranty travel, to highlight the particular requirements not covered by the published program,
- If I provide optional travel insurance policies, because they do not provide for them does not match organizer,
- To pay the agreed price under the circumstances, the deadlines and in the manner envisaged in the Treaty,
- Yes Organizer timely delivery of accurate and complete data and documents necessary for organizing trips and guarantees that he, his ID, luggage, etc., Meet the requirements of our specific regulations, transit and destination country (border, customs, sanitary, monetary and other regulations) ,
- To compensate for any damages direct service providers or third parties in violation of laws and other regulations and these General Conditions,
- To promptly appoint another person to travel instead, the Organizer compensation actual costs, caused by replacing and severally liable for the unpaid part of the agreed price,
- Yes, without delay on the spot justified complaint discloses, as a rule, in writing, to the Organizer or persons listed in the travel documents,
- Prior to the conclusion of the contract, inform through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia ( in other ways, the countries of the so-called. high or moderate risk
- Have at least 24 hours, but not earlier than 48 hours, inform the authorized representatives of the Organizer at the exact time of departure and return from the trip.
The prices are denominated in foreign currencies, a bill payment is made in dinars according to the selling rate of commercial banks Organizer on the date of payment or, at the rate specified in the program, or if otherwise agreed. Prices are formed on the basis of the business policy of the Organizer and can not be the subject of complaints of customers.
Services performed abroad (which are not prearranged and paid) Traveler pays on the spot immediate executor services.
Price of the Contract includes, pre-prepared and published combination of at least two or more of the following services of average quality, the usual for a given destination and facilities, including: accommodation, food, transportation, preparation and organization of travel, which is contracted by a single price Traveler pays ( further: Standard services).
Price does not include, if something else is specifically contracted (hereinafter special contract) costs: airport and port taxes, local tourist guide, tourist animator, optional programs, use of sun loungers and parasols, obtaining visas, tickets to the facilities and events, security of passengers and baggage service room service, use the room bar, air conditioning, recreational, medical, telephone, etc., services, reservation of special seats in the vehicle, the cost of accommodation in a single room, rooms with special features (view, floor, size, balcony, etc.), additional meals, etc., (hereinafter: Special services).
The broker is authorized on behalf of the Organizer arranges special services not provided for in the Programme.
Conditions relating to the realization of discount for children as well as to other benefits which are provided in the program are determined by direct service providers and the same should be interpreted restrictively (eg. For children under two years of age, is relevant calendar date when the child reaches the age of two in relation to the day of travel, rather than the date of conclusion of the contract). In case of wrong specified age Travellers, Organizer has the right to charge the difference to the full cost of the trip.
The price does not include the Organizer can not be responsible Traveler, for facultative and subsequently conducted services, which carry out the collection of foreign partner, ie, a direct service provider, but were not anticipated in the Programme or a separate contract, as well as participation in sports and Traveller other leisure activities.

If the traveler cancels the trip due time (90-46 days) - The organizer shall be entitled to reimbursement of administrative costs incurred.
The organizer may require an increase in the agreed price before the trip if after the conclusion of the Agreement has been a change in currency exchange rates, when the price is expressed in dinars and it immediately after learning that there was an increase in the price of the perpetrator usluga.Za increase the contract price by organizer, Traveler has the right to: request a replacement for a similar program at no extra charge from offer organizer or may terminate the contract, the organizer will refund the payment has been made without any deduction. If within a reasonable time, not longer than 48 hours, the traveler in writing not inform organzatora to accept the change of the contracted price, is considered to be terminated in the event Ugovor.Organizator expressed consent of passengers prepare an annex to the Agreement or a new contract.
Subsequent price cuts program can not apply to contracts already concluded and can not be the basis of any objection Travellers to the Organizer.

All the services mentioned in the program include the standard services of average quality, common and specific to certain destinations, places, and objects. If a passenger wants some services outside the program, it shall conclude a special contract.
The organizer is not responsible for the description of services in catalogs - publications or on Web sites mediator and direct service providers (eg. Hotels, transporters and others. Persons), unless the passenger has not expressly addressed the same. The organizer is responsible only for descriptions of services contained in their programs, or on its website, with the obvious typographical and calculation errors entitle the organizer to challenge the contract.
Accommodations and units, means of transport, etc. Services are described according to the official country of domicile at the time of publication of the Programme, are different and not comparable by destination, but not in the same place. Food, comfort and quality of service depends primarily on the price Arrangement, the chosen destination and categorization, some by local-national regulations and out of control and influence of the Organizer.
Date of commencement and completion of the travel program established, does not imply an all-day-stay travelers in the accommodation facility or destination. Time of departure or arrival of passengers and the entry or exit of passengers from the accommodation facility, is caused by procedures at border crossings, road conditions, permits the competent authorities, technical and weather conditions or force majeure that may affect the departure times of aircraft and other transportation that funds the Organizer that can not be influenced, and therefore in such cases organizers are not responsible. The first and last day of the program are intended to travel and do not involve staying in a hotel or place orientations - but only indicate the calendar day beginning and end of the trip, so organizers are not responsible for the evening, night or early morning flight, entering the room in the late the evening, leaving the hotel in the early hours and the like.
For air arrangements agreed start time of travel is meeting passengers at the airport, which is at least 2 hours earlier than the first published time of departure, by the airline. In the case of displacement this time the flight, the Organizer is not liable, but applicable national and international regulations in the field of air transport. As a rule, the departure - arrival, takeoff - landing aircraft, with the charter flights in the late evening or early morning hours, and if for example. provided the agreed start or end a meal in the form of so-called. "Cold meal" in the accommodation facility, it is considered that the Agreement is fully implemented.
Guide service, escort, local guide, animators or local representative does not mean their whole day and continuous presence, but only contact and necessary-necessary assistance to the Passenger after predetermined periods of periodic on-call, published on the bulletin board or in any other appropriate manner. Instructions and guidelines authorized representative of the Organizer (particularly in relation to the time of departure, transportation, housing, legal and other regulations) binding Traveller, a non-compliance with the above mentioned instructions is a violation of the Treaty, and all possible consequences and damages in such a case, The Traveler in its entirety.
Changes or deviations of individual services, which are not caused by the will of the Organiser are allowed, if they do not reflect negatively on the entire concept of the contracted trip. If the above reasons, flight or transportation should be moved to another airport or city, the organizer is obliged to offer the Traveler other suitable transport, until the completion of tourist travel, at no extra cost to travelers as well as to pay any difference in price between the contracted and provided services / Article 103, PGI /.
* The organizer will cover all the costs of alternative transport at least equal to the ticket, 2nd class carriage.
When a third party takes the place of a person who has reserved certain tourist services, the organizer is entitled to compensation for incurred costs necessary changes. The passenger and the person who comes into his place jointly and severally liable for payment of the agreed price and the cost of replacement passenger. The organizer will not accept the replacement of passengers if the change is not timely, if there are special requirements in relation to travel or not in accordance with the law or other legal regulations.

8.1. Accommodation: mandatory indicated in the travel program, with a note that:
- The passenger will be located in any officially registered accommodation unit in the accommodation facility described in the program, regardless of the characteristics of the Passenger, the location and position of the object, floors, proximity to noise, parking and others. CHARACTERISTICS,
- Accommodation Travellers in the building, at the earliest after 16.00 h on the day of service, and leave the building latest by 09.00 h on the day of completion of service. The passenger is not entitled to a refund because of the arbitrary, that is, their own fault caused occasional or premature abandonment of accommodation facility, not the cost of hotel services, not on the price of transport,
- The triple and quadruple accommodation units (rooms, studios, apartments, etc.) Shall be determined in accordance with the categorization and regulations domicile zemlje.Programi journeys include room descriptions.

- The operation of air conditioners in rentals varies by destination and facilities and does not involve the same continuous operation 24 hours,
- The organizer is not responsible for damage caused to the Passenger due to his failure to comply with legislation,

prescribed policies and practices established by the carriers, hoteliers and other direct service providers,
- After the start of tourist travel, and because of sudden and justified reasons, contracted accommodation can be replaced without the consent of Traveller accommodation in the facility of the same or higher category within the agreed place of accommodation at the expense of the Organizer, and accommodation facilities in the lower categories can be made with the consent of the Passenger and return the price difference proportionally reduced category of accommodation object,
- The organizer informs passengers in an appropriate manner (bulletin board, guide, ..) on the rules of conduct in the hotel, transport to the destination, and the passenger assumes an obligation to accept and respect the rules of conduct, particularly in the accommodation facility, including: depositing and keeping money, valuables and valuables, food and drinks in the room, respect the order, accommodation and leaving the room at a certain time, the number of people in the room, etc., because the organizer is not liable for any damage arising therefrom.

8.2. Food: mandatory indicated in the program of travel, with a note that:
- The diversity, quality of food and nutrition services, depends mainly on the height of the package price, object category, destination and local customs regardless of whether the principle of self-serving or serving (menu)
- All inclusive and any other means services at the hotel's internal rules, and may not be identical is not in the same category in the same destination. Organizer met Travellers with content All inclusive services in writing, served, in the travel program.
- If the occupancy rate in hotels is below 30%, it is possible that instead of self-service food service serving executed if the program provided travel.
In the accommodation facility are identical feeding conditions, regardless of whether under the Contract traveling children, the elderly, or people with special needs. In the event that the on-site Travellers with direct provider of nutrition otherwise agreed, the organizer bears no responsibility for the inadequate service provided nutrition.

8.3. Transportation: Unless otherwise specifically agreed:
- Transportation and transfers are carried out by standard tourist buses or other means, according to the regulations and criteria that apply in the country where he is registered carrier engaged by the organizer, and the regulations, principles and rules set by the carrier (eg. Transport in any conveyance asset does not imply numbered seats, nor included meals and drinks during the trip, etc.). The passenger is obliged to accept each offered a place in the vehicle,

- The organizer has the right to engage in the transport of all types of tourist buses that meet the conditions stipulated in the regulations (or double decker bus) as well as other means of transport, if that condition the changed circumstances of times or the number of passengers is less than the minimum number of passengers in the program travel indicated as a condition for performing an organized trip. If you hire a mini-bus it is necessary to define the number of seats.
- While driving, the buses are not in use toilets, in addition, if it is not approved. The passenger is obliged to take all the damage his negligence in the vehicle compensate on the spot. The passenger is obliged to check before the trip and coordinate their identity and travel documents and luggage, in case of detected irregularities inform the guide / companion travel,
- The traveler is obligated to appropriate to the behavior in the vehicle and respect sobraćajnih regulations and rules on the transport of passengers, otherwise the organizer has the right not to receive the transfer, or in the presence of the police away from the means of transport and further transport to the destination will be the responsibility of the organizer. If Putnik for removal of the means of transport, desist from travel, apply the scale cancellation of Section 12 of the General Conditions,
- The road, pause, place and length of their duration determined guide / companion - the driver. Guide / companion to the rider has the right to unforeseen, inevitable or bezbedosnosnih and similar circumstances, to change the timetable, itinerary times, or the order of rounds Lokalität. - Traveler is obliged to observe the guidelines driver or guide / companion travel (long pause etc ..)
- Inconsistency of personal data given to the Organizer with the data in the passport Travellers (names of passengers, etc.), May result in printing of new flights, with costs or even irregular declaration cards, for which the consequences borne by the Passenger. The traveler is responsible for his ticket from the moment it is delivered at the airport or at the agency. There is no possibility of issuing duplicate flights, as well as boarding passes. Putnik fully bear the consequences of their loss or disappearance during the trip,
- Airline or special transport tickets are valid only on these specified dates and times,
- Transportation of passengers by air, rail, sea, river or lake transportation means, and shall be a direct responsibility of the carrier, determined in accordance with the regulations and customs governing the aforementioned modes of transport, and outside influence and responsibilities as the organizer.

All the conditions published in the program only apply to citizens with passport R. Serbia. The passenger is obliged to inform the Organizer not to travel with the passport of Republic of Serbia and the organizer will inform the citizens of other countries on the conditions (visa, customs, health, etc.) Applicable to the destination or transit country, or instructed to inform the competent consulate or another body before the conclusion of the contract. The passenger has to provide the necessary conditions and documents in a timely and orderly manner. Putnik to travel abroad must have a valid passport with a validity at least 6 months from the date of the trip, and later to the Organizer correct and complete necessary information and documents for the visa, if obtains the same organizer. Officer Organizer agency or the broker is authorized to determine the validity of passport and other papers and documents. When the organizer mediates in the process of submitting documentation, it does not guarantee a visa or a visa in time and bears no responsibility for failure of the travel and other documents or if the border authorities or immigration officials refuse entry, transit or further stay of the Traveler. If Putnik, while traveling or loses his passport being stolen, shall at his own expense promptly provide new and bear all possible harmful effects on that basis.
The passenger is obliged to arrange specific services related to his medical condition, such as. specific food, accommodation characteristics and so on., due to chronic illness, allergies, disabilities, etc., because otherwise the organizer does not assume any special obligation, liability or harm on that basis. To travel to the country, in which special rules apply, which include mandatory vaccinations or supply certain documents, the obligation is to make the necessary Traveller vaccination and provide adequate confirmation about it, and that in case of any consequence bears sole responsibility for the damage.

The passenger is obliged to strictly respect the customs, foreign exchange and others. regulations of the Republic of Serbia, transit and countries in which he resides and in case of inability to travel, or stay and everything else, all the consequences and costs to be borne by the Traveler.
If the trip can not be carried out due to omission of the passenger, in relation to the provisions of this Section, shall apply, the provisions of Section 12 of the General Conditions.
Especially warning Putnik to: Transport luggage to a certain weight defined by the airline, which a traveler is notified in the program trip, is free. Excess luggage will be charged according to the current prices of the carrier indicated in the tour program. Transport of special luggage from airport to hotel and back is the sole obligation of the Passenger. At all airports apply special Safety rules for hand luggage and recommend for more information to inform the Passenger at the airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, at 011 / 209- 4444 or website: Damage and loss of baggage on flights, passenger is obliged to report immediately on the spot, the competent services of the airport lost luggage, as a rule airlines refuse compensation if it is not completed and submitted the application form damage. The passenger is obliged to report the loss, damage or loss of baggage during the trip, the representative of the organizer.
For transportation by bus, passenger can carry 2 pieces of luggage per user seat, and submit it to the authorized person of the Organizer. Children under two years are not entitled to free luggage. The passenger is obliged to take care of personal, hand luggage fed into a means of transport, as well as on giving, or taking luggage surrendered to the authorized person of the carrier, or fed into the accommodation facility. All rights as to the above, the Passenger revenue at a travel agency or directly with the carrier, depending of international regulations. Transfer of baggage from the town to the parking units is the responsibility of the passenger (transport will be as close as possible to the accommodation facility). For the forgotten things in the vehicle organizer is not responsible.
Except for intent and gross negligence, the organizer has no responsibility for valuable items that are not normally carry with them, except where expressly assumed the items for safekeeping. Therefore, the Traveler is not recommended that the journey carries valuables, otherwise that they handed over to the proper storage or to carry them with you.
Traveller duty is to clearly mark your luggage with personal data, and personal documents, items and values are not left in a parked transport vehicle because the organizer is not responsible for their disappearance. It is recommended that the documentation intended, gold, valuables, technical instruments and medicines, carry exclusively in hand luggage, but when you stay in the safe deposit of the same, if possible.
The passenger is obliged to report the loss, damage or loss of luggage during the trip, the representative of the organizer.

11.1. Before the start of the journey: Organizer can modify the program travel only if changes were caused by extraordinary circumstances which could not travel organizer predicted, avoided or eliminated. The costs arising from the amendment of the Organizer bears, a reduction of costs in favor of customers. Replacing the agreed accommodation may only be using the facility of the same category, or charged to the Organizer, using the facility more categories and within the agreed place of stay. If the travel program made substantial changes without reasonable cause, travel organizer must fully back what he received from the Passenger, which is therefore terminated the voyage. (Čl.879 ZOO).

The organizer has the right to terminate the Contract in the case:
- Insufficient number of passengers, always indicated in the travel program, provided that the Passenger informed the within of the program before the start of travel and tourist travel
- Due to the inability to fulfill contractual obligations for which they were not responsible contracting parties, which would not have existed at the time of publication of the Programme, be a legitimate reason Organizer Program that does not publish the Contract is not concluded,
with the obligation that the Traveler to refund no later than 15 days from the date of cancellation.
In case of acceptance of the new Treaty, Passenger waives any claims against the Organizer, on the basis of the originally concluded agreement.
11.2. During the voyage: Organizer during the trip, which shall, without delay, in the most appropriate way to inform the Passenger retains the right to change the date or hour of travel, as well as the right to change the route of travel and necessary changes to the program if conditions change for the trip (flight schedule changed , emergency landing, failure of means of transport, the crowd at the borders or in traffic, the closure of any of the sites planned for the tour, changes in the visa regime, the security situation, natural disasters or other extraordinary and objective circumstances and force majeure) without any obligation to pay damages or any other compensation to the Passenger. In these cases the organizer shall bear the costs of any additional changes to the Programme.
If Putnik interfere with the administration itinerary due to harsh and inappropriate behavior, regardless of the sentence warning, the organizer may demand reimbursement of any costs caused by those.
In the case of extraordinary circumstantial during the journey which could not be predicted in advance, and which may be considered as force majeure (terrorist attacks, emergency, explosion, infection, epidemics and other diseases, natural disasters, weather conditions, etc.), Both Contracting Parties are entitled to terminate the Contract, where the organizer is entitled to the actual costs incurred and the payment of half of the transport costs of return of customers. Organizer assumes no responsibility for the formation if the Passenger refuses offered to return the provided means of transport.

12.1. Before the start of the trip: The traveler has the right to withdraw from the trip, which is required to report in writing to the Organizer in a way that the completed Contract. The date the written cancellation of the Treaty is the basis for the calculation of the fee which belongs to the Organizer, expressed in percentages on the scale failures in relation to the total cost of the tour if the program is not otherwise specified, namely:
If Putnik promptly canceled the trip (over 45 days), the organizer is entitled to fees for administrative costs incurred.

10% if the trip is canceled 44 to 30 days before departure,
20% if you cancel 29 to 20 days before departure,
40% if canceled 19 to 15 days before departure,
80% if canceled 14 to 10 days before departure,
90% if canceled 9 to 6 days before the trip,
100% if canceled 5 to 0 days before the trip or during the trip.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, shall apply to the following scale of cancellation as follows:
a. at Marine krstarenja-
If Putnik promptly canceled the trip (over 90), the organizer is entitled to fees for administrative costs incurred.
15% of 90 to 45 days before departure,
30% 44 to 29 days before departure,
50% of 28 to 15 days before departure,
80% from 14 to 7 days before departure,
95% from 6 to 3 days before the trip,
100% on the day of travel, show or withdrawal from the road
b. recreational home for preschool children, school in nature, school and students' field trips will be canceled if you complete control:
If Putnik promptly canceled the trip (over 120 days), the organizer is entitled to fees for administrative costs incurred.
20% if canceled from 119 to 90 days before departure,
50% if canceled 0d 89 to 60 days before departure,
80% if canceled 59 to 45 days before departure,
100% if canceled 44 prior to the start of or during the trip.
Change agreed place, date of travel, means of transport, accommodation facility, accommodation units, failure to obtain a visa, paying the agreed price, etc., It is considered a waiver of passenger travel.
The passenger is obliged to compensate the Organizer only the real and the expenses (transportation, lodging, travel arrangements etc.), If the cancellation is due to:
- Traveller sudden illness, spouse, child, parent, brother or sister Traveller adoptee and the adopter,
- Calls for a military exercise Passenger or natural disaster or state of emergency was officially declared by the country of travel.

In these cases, the Traveler is obliged to submit to the Organizer evidence to exercise their rights to health insurance on the basis of temporary incapacity for work (a certificate of the chosen doctor in the field of general medicine or discharge papers stationary medical institutions, which explicitly confirms the sudden illness and the inability to travel), or death certificate, or call for a military exercise. I can not be justified by reasons for the cancellation or interruption of travel Putnika, cases of local terrorist attacks, explosions, infection, epidemics and other diseases, natural disasters, weather conditions, etc., Which is not a state of emergency declared by the competent national authority or the country of domicile travel.
Sudden illness means by authorized doctors found a sudden and unexpected illness, or infectious disease or an organic disorder, which occurs after the conclusion of the travel contract, and of such a nature that requires treatment, hospitalization (hospitalization) and prevents the start - the use of the contracted trip. The organizer, in the case of Putnik provide a suitable replacement or changes the organizer himself, the Traveler is obliged to refund the paid funds in the total amount, after deduction of only COST OF SUBSTITUTE. The organizer, in case of replacement of the Passenger is obliged to conclude a new passenger Agreement.
In case of withdrawal from the trip, which is covered by the insurance policy, Putnik your right is exercised directly by the insurer.
When withdrawing from the Treaty, the Traveler will not be refunded the amount paid to the Organizer for mediation in obtaining visas, and paid legal and other obligations.

When boat cruises, hotel services and trips "on request" are often required to criminal penalties certain amount of money that is retained by the rules executor services, and that the organizer can not influence what the organizer informs the passenger to a travel program.
12.2. After the commencement of the trip: If due to travel cancellation, Putnik fault of their own do not use some of the service, the organizer will try to ask the service provider receives compensation for unused services. If his service provider does not return the money, the Traveler is not entitled to a refund of the appropriate part of the price of unused travel. If it comes to services or insignificant value, the organizer is relieved of this obligation. If the fault of the Organizer does not perform a substantial part of the services specified by contract, the organizer is obliged to implement certain measures, in order to continue their journey or to provide the Traveler other appropriate services, to the end of the tourist trip at no cost to the Passenger, in accordance with the Section 14 of these General terms and conditions, without prejudice to other legal rights of customers.

The cost of the tour does not include travel insurance. The organizer advises the conclusion of insurance that is not regulated by the Act and to ensure accountability travel, health insurance and insurance against accidents. If Organizer and Mediator offer travel insurance, is not just about the transmission. The insurance contract is concluded only between Travellers and insurance companies, which directly indicate possible requirements. You must read the insurance conditions and obligations under the insurance contract. Insurance premiums are not an integral part of the price of travel and are due immediately upon conclusion of the insurance contract. By signing the Agreement, the Traveler confirms that he was informed and instructed on security, travel insurance package.
Package travel insurance does not cover mandatory health insurance, and the Traveler recommended that I provide the same, as this may be the reason that border authorities do not permit further travel or traveler must I pay the significant costs of possible medical treatment. accordance with the provisions of the Law on Tourism, the organizer has a travel guarantee in the amount of 300,000 euros, which in case A) insolvency of travel organizers provide: 1. The cost of emergency accommodation, meals and return of travelers to the place of departure in the country and abroad, 2. receivables Travellers funds paid under the Agreement on tourist travel, you travel organizer is not implemented, 3. funds paid claims of passengers in the event of trip cancellation by the Passenger, in accordance with the General terms, 4th receivables differences between the funds paid under the Agreement on tourist travel and means reduced proportionately failure to enforce or incomplete execution of the services covered by the program and travel to the case; B) provides compensation for damage compensation, which causes the Traveler non-performance, partial performance or undue performance of the obligations of the tour, which are certain terms and conditions and program type: 1. for claims Traveller funds paid under the Agreement on tourist travel by Travel organizer is not implemented and 2 to claim the difference between the funds paid under the Agreement on tourism and travel funds proportionately reduced non-execution or incomplete execution of the services covered by the program travel. Warranty coverage Period of travel is from the date of issue until the end of tourist travel, or the return of the Traveller agreed destination. Warranty Guarantee Agreement journey from 01.25.2017. concluded with the policyholder Millennium Insurance, Belgrade, Mihajlo Pupin ul.Bulevar 10L, Policy number 30000001103 from 01.25.2017. Millennium Insurance Belgrade, Warranty trip is activated immediately, or within 14 days of the occurrence of the insured event, at the Millennium Insurance Belgrade, Mihajlo Pupin 10 L.
The passenger was caught traveling to be the quickest way to contact the insurer, on tel. no. +381117152329 Or e.mail: mios@milenijum-osiguranje.rsm or telegram to the address Beograd, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina10L.
(Passenger their rights to compensation is realized on the basis of pravosnanžne and enforceable court judgment, ie, the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal or other solutions out of court consumer dispute in accordance with these terms and conditions.)


The tour operator is obliged to point of sale conspicuous notice on the method and place of filing the complaint, and to Ensure the presence of the person authorized to receive complaints, during office hours.

The tour operator is obliged to keep records of complaints received, and that it is kept for at least two years from the date of filing the complaints of customers.

The passenger is obliged to promptly onsite justified objection communicated to the local representative of the Organizer, and in case of emergency, if this is not currently available, direct service provider (eg. Carrier, hotel, etc.) Or if these persons are not listed in the travel documents and directly to the organizer.
For assistance, emergency and other cases, as well as passenger complaints can contact the Organizer via tel. 011 / 2,448,284.011630 to 7177, 065/2212396, weekdays from 09: 00h-17: 00h, Saturday from 09: 00h-14: 00h Central European Time or via e-mail: urgent and similar procedures need to indicate the number of Putnik Treaty, city trips, the name of the accommodation facility, passenger names, address, or phone number, etc., through which they can contact.
The organizer will immediately to remedy the shortcomings in the case of justified complaints, a passenger is obliged to sarađjuje good faith in the proceedings on the complaint, in order to eliminate defects or non-conformity of services within a reasonable time depending on the nature of the complaint (eg. Refrigerator malfunction, power outage or water bad očišcćen apartment and others. disadvantages) and accept the solution that corresponds to the contracted service.
If the cause of the complaint is not resolved on the spot, Travellers with representatives of the Organizer, about prepares a written confirmation in two copies, which constitute both sides and signed. Traveler holds one copy of this certificate.
If the cause of complaints resolved on the spot, Putnik is required to sign a confirmation of the same, otherwise the fact that the continued use of adekavtnog altermativnog solutions is considered that the program is fully implemented.
Local representatives are not entitled to recognize any claims for compensation, but only Organizer.
The passenger may not claim in proportion to the price reduction, contract termination and compensation if negligence and omissions in the prescribed manner, on the spot, without delay and promptly notify the authorized and the Organiser The representative of the deficiencies between the services and contracted services .
If the deficiencies are not remedied on the spot, passenger is obliged within eight days of the voyage, or within thirty days after the "shortcomings" deliver reasonable and documented complaint (a written complaint on the spot, receipts of payment of, demands for species unexecuted services, facts specified and quantified in relation to each passenger individually, witnesses and other evidence) and request a refund of the difference in price between the contracted and non-, partially or services performed. Each Putnik signed the Agreement on its own behalf and on behalf of the persons referred to in the Agreement, or persons with regular power of attorney for representation, complaint, filed separately because the organizer will not consider group complaints.
It is desirable that the complaint Putnik submit them in writing to the address of the Organizer in Belgrade, ul. Bulevar Osloboadjenja No.5.
The passenger may declare a complaint orally at the point of sale where the concluded travel contract, or other place designated for the receipt of complaints, electronically, or in a durable record carrier, with delivery of documentation evidencing the merits of the complaint.

The organizer is obliged to take into consideration only timely, reasoned and documented complaints, according to the committed Traveller complaint, but that could not be solved in the course of the journey on the spot and that the passenger is issued a written confirmation or electronic confirmation of receipt of the complaint, ie, disclose the number below which was filed its complaint in the records of complaints received.

The organizer shall, within 8 days to submit a written response to the Passenger and pay the difference in price within 15 days, from receipt of the proper complaint. The tour operator may extend this deadline with the consent of the Passenger and to be recorded in the book of complaints.

If the complaint is not complete, and the same should be regulated, the organizer shall submit to the Passenger response to the same offices within the given deadline, under the threat of failure.
The organizer shall, in accordance with good business practice, the legal deadline to respond to the Passenger and complaints that are untimely, groundless, or untidy.
Price reduction after reclamation Travellers can reach only the amount of the advertised part of a failure to perform service, but can not cover already used services, nor reach the total amount of the contract price. The fee, which is paid by the reasonable and timely complaint under the Agreement, is proportional to the degree of non-performance, partial or services rendered. Should the Traveller accept the payment of compensation for the proportionate price reduction, or other form of remuneration, implies that he agrees with the proposal of the Organizer, for the amicable settlement of the dispute, and thus waived all further claims against the Organizer regarding the disputed relationship, despite the fact whether on signed written confirmation of the refund, the clause on the final dismissal of mutual disputes. It will be considered that the return of the difference in price Putniku completed and reached agreement with the passenger in accordance with the law, these General Terms, the Traveller when the organizer offered a real difference in the price for inadequate services provided, in accordance with the price list of direct service providers, who prevailing on the date of conclusion of the trip, and other available evidence, and that the organizer acted in accordance with applicable regulations.
Organizer does not bear responsibility for the formation of omissions, or for damage caused to the Passenger by direct service providers, in accordance with the corresponding regulations that apply to them if they acted as organizer careful in the selection of the persons who carried out these services.
Any request for Travellers initiating proceedings against other persons, before the deadline for resolving the complaint, it will be considered premature, as well as informing the media and the media, a violation of the Treaty.

15.1. Itinerary at the request of the Passenger: Individual travel (hereinafter: the Program upon request) Travellers is a combination of two or more services, as well as longer stays, which includes not only accommodation services at a specific time, which is not included in the offer of the Organizer, the Organizer or not previously released but it was made at the request of customers.
On the Program upon request, by analogy to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs of these General Terms and Conditions, if this item is not otherwise regulated.
The passenger has the right to withdraw from the Treaty, which shall, in writing notify the Organizer. The date the written cancellation of the Treaty is the basis for the calculation of the fee which belongs to the Organizer, expressed as percentage of the total cost of travel required if the Program is not otherwise provided, as follows:
If Putnik promptly canceled the trip (over 60 days), the organizer is entitled to fees for administrative costs incurred.

15% if the trip is canceled 59 to 30 days before departure,
20% if you cancel 29 to 20 days before departure,
40% if canceled 19 to 15 days before departure,
80% if canceled 14 to 10 days before departure,
90% if canceled 9 to 6 days before the trip,
100% if canceled 5 days before the trip or during the trip.

15.2. Individual services and "No Reservations": If Putnik reserve only one service, organizer acting as an intermediary Third-party services (hereinafter: Broker services) and there is no legal Organizer-position travel, but intermediaries.
For individual and "No Reservations," Putnik claimed for the costs of the reservation deposit, which may not be less than 50 euros in dinars, according to the selling rate of the bank intermediary services, the date of payment. If the reservation is accepted by the Passenger, the deposit is included in the price of the service. If a reservation, intermediary services is not corroboration in the agreed period, the deposit is fully refunded to the Passenger. If the traveler does not accept the offered or confirmed reservation, which is in full compliance with the requirements of the Passenger, the amount of the deposit reserves intermediary services in full.
Intermediary services except for their gross negligence and negligence is not responsible for defects, material and physical harm to the individual tourist services at the request of the Passenger, for which he was only an intermediary between the Passenger and direct service providers (eg. Individual transport services, tickets for sports events, excursions, rent-a-car, etc.). Obtaining evidence of the agreed individual service, shall enter into force on contractual agreements exclusively between the Passenger and each individual service provider.

Personal Data Traveller, that it was given voluntarily, are business secrets Organizer. The passenger agrees that personal information organizer can be used for the implementation of the agreed Programme of trips, and they can not disclose address, city, time and cost of travel and travel names of other persons, other than persons designated by special regulations.

The organizer can Pogrami or special conditions of travel to provide for different terms in relation to these General Terms and Conditions, due to the special terms and conditions, direct service providers, as well as for travel with special amenities (on the occasion of sports, convention and other international events and special forms of tourism - pupils, hunting and fishing, extreme sports, etc.), and which form an integral part of such Agreement.
The inefficiency of certain provisions of the Agreement does not result in inefficiency of the entire travel of the Treaty, which applies to these General Terms and Conditions.
The traveler and the organizer in accordance with the jurisdiction of the court, to resolve mutual disputes, with the application of these general conditions and regulations of Serbia. The Traveller can not deny the right to initiate a specific procedure or to use a specific remedy to protect his rights, as provided by the regulations of Serbia.

These terms and conditions are valid from 01.25.2017. god. one day cease to be valid General Terms and Conditions published 01.27.2016. years.






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