Cuba is the largest Caribbean island, and the sixteenth largest in the world. The social structure of this country is socialism, embodied in the image and work of the omnipresent leader – Fidel Castro. Administratively, the country is divided into 14 provinces, and the most famous places on the island are Havana – the capital, then Varadero, Pinar del Río, Santa Clara, Remedies, Morón, Las Tunas and, of course, Guantanamo Bay, celebrated in the song “Guantanamero”. and today it is most often mentioned as the prison where the Americans keep their political prisoners.
Tourism is the primary branch of the Cuban economy, followed by tobacco production, for which Cuba is also famous in the world, mostly because of its famous cigars, which are traditionally made in factories on this island. The main assets of this tourist paradise are, above all, the openness and immediacy of the local residents, over 50 percent of whom are mixed race, which indicates that the concept of racism is unknown here. Everything is subordinated to enjoyment. Spicy food, phenomenal cocktails, skimpy wardrobe and nightlife that is something that must be experienced are certainly the reason why more and more tourists flock to visit this country every year. The largest number of tourists comes from Canada, Western Europe and America.
Cuba is an equatorial country where days and nights last the same length throughout the year. Sandy beaches stretch along the entire island, and the biggest attraction is certainly the longest “dream beach”, which stretches for 5,745 km. The turquoise and blue colors of the sea alternate along the beaches, and volleyball and beach soccer are played on each sandy beach. Near the beaches are rows of palm trees, cacti and blossoming orchids. The beaches are scattered with bars that play music characteristic of this climate – fast rhythms and percussion. “Cuba libre” is poured, the best rum in the world is drunk, and the beaches are full of tourists enjoying themselves on colorful deckchairs. The largest number of hotels is state-owned, except for a small number belonging to famous global chains. Accommodation in hotels is luxurious and very cheap. Hotels are equipped with everything that today’s tourists need. There are boutiques, shops, where, of course, you can buy the famous Cuban cigars, as well as souvenirs on which the most common leitmotif is the image of Che Guevara, a revolutionary of global popularity, who has a cult status, especially among the younger population.
Contrary to the glamor that reigns in the hotel complexes, ordinary Cubans live very poor, which does not seem to bother them too much. You will hear a song at every step, and salsa is learned from the earliest days of life. Everything revolves around song and dance, which here is the meaning and basic philosophy of life. Knowing Spanish, which is the official language in Cuba, will certainly help you and make your stay on the island easier, but with knowledge of English and usually with pantomime, you will get along very easily and quickly with everyone. In addition to the local currency – the peso, the most common currency is the dollar, which is also the most common measure of the value of goods and services. Here, the season lasts all year round, so whenever you come – you won’t go wrong. Arriving on this island certainly implies a visit to the capital of Cuba, Havana, while the most famous resort is Varadero.

Havana is a city that grew rapidly at the beginning of the 20th . century. The inner part of the city forms the old core, which is surrounded by modern settlements created on the edges of the ring that forms the old part of the city. The capital of Cuba is dominated by opposites – small houses versus tall buildings are the most common sight of architecture. The most famous part of the city is Vedado, whose streets are dominated by museums, theaters, bars and clubs. The most famous street is La Rampa, whose pavements are painted with various motifs that, in combination with colorful granite, leave a special impression on everyone. The most famous beach is Santa Maria, which stretches for 18 km. Life in this city goes on without interruption, Havana never sleeps. Tropicana bar should not be missed in search of a good time, but the other places are not to be underestimated either. The charm of the whole city is given by its residents, who are friendly and hospitable. auto_awesome Translate from: Bosnian 137 / 5,000 Translation results Translation result They are there to help you, to teach you the basic steps of the rumba, to talk with you and, of course, to offer you coffee, strong, black, real Cuban.

Varadero invites you from postcards to its beaches with sand that resembles white, soft flour. The turquoise sea, lush vegetation and warm climate make it a paradise for romantic souls, but also for those with an adventurous spirit. Along the 17 km long beach there are restaurants where live music entertains the guests every night.
The beaches are spacious, but there are plenty of small bays where you can be alone and enjoy romance with your soul mate, far from the hustle and bustle of many tourists, alone in this paradise on earth. The place itself is completely adapted to tourists and has retained only a little of the authentic Cuban spirit. Varadero has its own golf club, dolphinarium, ecological park, which extends over 360 hectares, and caves with Indian drawings. By the way, this resort is a favorite destination of newlyweds, who often decide to spend their honeymoon there.


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