Hawaii is an American state. In fact, Hawaii was the last to be admitted, that is, the fiftieth member of the American Federation. They joined the United States on August 21, 1959, and are the only federal state that consists exclusively of islands. Hawaii is an archipelago in the central Pacific. They cover an area of 28,311 square kilometers. Of this, the land part is 16,638 square kilometers, while 11,672 square kilometers is water. About 1,300,000 people live in Hawaii, and the official languages are English and Hawaiian. The capital and largest city of Hawaii is Honolulu.
Hawaii has a tropical climate. The highest daytime temperatures during the summer are around 31 degrees Celsius, and night temperatures around 24 degrees Celsius. There are no significant oscillations, so temperatures during the winter range around 28 degrees Celsius during the day and around 18 degrees Celsius at night.
Hawaii is one of the four states that became an independent part of the United States of America. Kingdom of Hawaii was sovereign from 1810 to 1893, when the monarchy was overthrown by American and European businessmen. Hawaii was an independent republic from 1894 to 1898, when the US annexed it. The federal state of the USA – and Hawaii became in 1959. . One of the most famous dates in Hawaii’s history was December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. A day later, the United States entered World War II. Because of its natural beauty and other attractions, Hawaii has become one of the most popular and visited tourist destinations in the world.

Tourist attractions in Hawaii are:

Oahu Island – Honoluluis the capital of Hawaii This is the political, cultural and business center of the country. This is a city where visitors can experience a lot. Honolulu is characterized by a mixture of past and present. Victorian buildings and modern and tall buildings are beautifully integrated into the architecture of the city. In the center of the city you can see the Royal Palace, the Government Building, the Church of the New English Missionaries and the Spanish-style Town Hall. Lolani Palace is the only royal palace in the USA. It housed the residence of King Kalakaua and Queen Kipolani, as well as Queen Liliuokalani. After the overthrow of the monarchy, the palace had several uses, and today it houses a museum. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace is the oldest cathedral in the USA. It was built in 1843 from coral blocks. The Aloha Tower is a Honolulu landmark. It is a ten-story building built in 1926. On the tower is the inscription “Aloha”.

Waikiki is the first tourist destination in Hawaii. To this day, Waikiki is the leader in the tourist offer of this state. It is characterized by a large number of hotels and beautiful beaches with white sand. About 25,000 inhabitants live here, and the number of visitors is around 65,000 every day.

Pearl Harbor is one of the most significant symbols of American patriotism. The base of the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese forces on December 7, 12. 1941. during which most of the American fleet was destroyed. The day after the attack, the US announced its entry into World War II. The attack on Pearl Harbor lasted two hours, during which 2,335 American soldiers died.

USS Arizona Memorial – The USS Arizona was the ship on which 1,177 American soldiers died during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The memorial complex is one of Hawaii’s most visited attractions. Over 1.5 million people visit this place every year. Above the sunken ship is a platform through which the ship can be seen. The names of the dead are written on the walls of the platform.

Maui Island – Haleakala is a massive volcano that rises 10,023 meters above the coast of Maui. This natural phenomenon has not erupted for over 200 years, and is one of the most popular attractions in Hawaii. It is located within the National Park, where visitors can enjoy a variety of activities. Don’t miss the sunrise from the volcano.

• In ancient times, Lahaina was the capital of the chief of Maui, and after the united islands, it became the capital of the kingdom. This is a city with an abundance of historical places that are definitely worth visiting.

Kanapali is a city for real enjoyment. There are hotel complexes, apartments, golf courses, tennis courts and a shopping center here. Also, visitors can enjoy the beautiful, albeit crowded beaches.

The Road to Hana is a road that leads from central Maui to the village of Hana. The road is described as the most spectacular coastal road in Hawaii. It was built in 1927, is very narrow and has big ups and downs, as well as numerous curves. Also, on the way, you cross as many as 54 bridges. The surroundings of the road are truly amazing. Rain forests, bamboo trees, ferns and orange African tulips can be seen. Also, there are numerous historical places along the road.

The Pioneer Inn is an old green and white hotel built in 1901, and is the most famous landmark in town. Visit a place that simply exudes history and old glory.

Big Island – Hilo is the capital of the Big Island. It is located in a semicircular bay in the east of the island. About 32,000 inhabitants live in it. Hilo has a reputation as the rainiest city in the US. It is known for the banyan trees planted by the royal family in the 1930s . There are also numerous gardens, parks, waterfalls, as well as a tropical Zoo.

Kona , literally translated the protected side, is the dry and sunny west coast of the Big Island. There are numerous attractions and beautiful beaches here, which, unlike Hill, can be enjoyed.

Kailua is the capital of the Kona area. In the nineteenth century, the resort of the royal family was located here. This area has numerous attractions and amenities, so it’s no surprise that it was here that the royal family enjoyed themselves.

Hilton Waikoloa Village is a must-see attraction on the Big Island. It is a hotel complex that includes a theme park. Also, there is an artificial beach, a lagoon with salt water and tropical fish. Artificial canals are ideal for transportation from one part to another. Within the complex there are pools with cascading waterfalls above which there are suspension bridges.

Hulihee Palace was built in 1838 . It was built by Governor Kuakini, and from the mid-nineteenth century it was owned by the royal family. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the palace has functioned as a museum. Don’t be surprised by the enormous proportions inside the palace. The reason for this is the fact that the members of the royal family were quite large, so everything had to be adapted to them.

The island of Kauai – the Pali coast is one of the must-see attractions. It stretches for 35.5 kilometers, and is characterized by the sharpest cliffs in Hawaii. Touring the coast is done by tourist boats.

Princeville is the largest modern settlement on the island. It is located on the north coast and was named after Prince Albert, son of Kameame IV. Here you can enjoy golf courses, tennis courts, restaurants, a shopping center and more.

Waimea is a place on the southwest side of the island of Kauai. This is the place where, on January 19, 1778, Captain Cook first landed in Hawaii. During February, a festival dedicated to Captain Cook takes place here. The festival includes carnival games, music, traditional food, sweets, and of course beer.

Waimea Canyon is nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It is 835.5 meters deep, and the Waimea River, 32 kilometers long, flows through it. This is the longest river on the island.

Lihue is the island’s capital. It is located on the south-eastern side of the island, and about 5,500 inhabitants live there. This is not a significant tourist, but a reception place of the island. The main reason for this is the airport located in the capital.

• These are just some of the attractions of Hawaii. The islands that make up this American state are full of various beauties and attractions. Great people live here who will do everything to make you feel at home. It’s an understatement to say that Hawaii is heaven on earth. Hawaii is one of the best destinations for an unforgettable dream trip.


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