Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka was previously known as Ceylon until 1972 . ZbDue to its very good position, it is a strategically important link between West Asia and Southeast Asia. Also, it was one of the more important stations on the ancient “Silk Road”. Sri Lanka has long been a center of Buddhist religion and culture.

Beaches, mountains, waterfalls, precious stones, gold, good location – these are the reasons why in the past the British, Portuguese and Dutch colonialists fought for the territory of Sri Lanka. Today, this exotic country is a symbol of prestige, thanks to the Blue Sapphire of Sri Lanka, which many monarchs wanted to have in their treasuries.

Sri Lanka is a relatively small country in terms of area (65,610 km2), but it has the highest biodiversity per 10,000 km2 in Asia. It is home to a large number of wild animals: Asian elephants, leopards, endangered wild boars, deer, anteaters, and it has announced that it has 24 wildlife reserves. Jala and Wilpatu National Parks are home to numerous water birds, such as: storks, pelicans, and many others. The island has four biosphere reserves: Bundala National Park, Hurulu Forest Reserve, Kaneliya-Dediyagala-Nakiadenia Forest Complex and Sinharaja Rainforest. Sri Lanka is home to over 250 resident birds.

The culture of Sri Lanka dates back to 2500 years ago, and was particularly influenced by Buddhism and Hinduism. It is now home to two major traditional cultures: Sinhalese and Tamil. More recently, the British colonial culture had a great impact on the local population.
The capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayawardenepura Kote. This is a very nice university town, whose name means “City of Great Victory” in Sinhalese. Since 1982, the assembly of Sri Lanka has been located in this city.

The attraction of Sri Lanka is definitely the beautiful beaches. It is surrounded by golden beaches, which are the best in the world. Spending your vacation on a tropical island means finding yourself in an idyllic setting, a place whose shores are lapped by the blue waters of the sea. Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for lovers of water sports, and only some of them are: diving, windsurfing, fishing.

Sri Lanka’s climate is tropical; the average temperature in the central part is 16 C, while in other areas it reaches 33 C. The ideal period of the year to visit this country is the month of May.


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